Selecting The Right Distributors To Grow Your Business

For many companies, selecting the right distributor(s) can be the single biggest decision they may have to make. And that decision may mean the difference between success and failure.

Channel Dynamics can assist you to select the right distribution partner through our three step process:

Review current situation and develop the strategy

  • Interview key stakeholders to understand future product directions
  • Clarify gaps in current strategy and agree on distribution objectives
  • Create distributor selection criteria
  • Develop distributor data collection vehicle
  • Create Project Plan (including key milestones and timeframes)

Identify potential distributors and gather information

  • Identify and research potential distributors
  • Select short list to approach for a response
  • Distribute data collection vehicle
  • Collect data and compile
  • Attend distributor interviews

Assess data and select distributor(s)

  • Review and compare responses from Distributors
  • Debrief findings from Distributor interviews
  • Compile into final report and present recommendations