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6 Lessons from Samsung to Lose Customers

In the XaaS and managed services world, we don’t make money from winning customers… we make money from keeping customers. So when I see a company doing everything it can to alienate its loyal customers, I look at what lessons can be learned so that MSPs, vendors and distis don’t fall into the same trap. … Continued

The Future of Customer Care: Balancing AI and Personalization

Customer care leaders find themselves at a crossroads, facing the dual challenge of preparing their organizations for an AI-enabled future while meeting commercial targets and ever-rising customer expectations. As technology reshapes the landscape, traditional call centres are giving way to digitally enabled models. However, persistent challenges—such as call volume spikes, employee attrition, and talent shortages—remain. … Continued

Cross-Channel Marketing: 7 Predictions For 2024

By its very nature, marketing requires us to take creative risks and make bold decisions based on data and what we believe will come next. Brand marketers know that one of the secrets to ongoing success is a constant obsession with future trends and how they may impact customers’ behaviours, expectations and preferences. Because let’s … Continued

Have We Forgotten How To Present In Person?

As we go back to in-person meetings and events, it’s becoming apparent that one of the casualties of working from home has been face-to-face presentation skills. For the last few years, our presentations have consisted almost entirely of looking at someone’s face over Zoom or Teams. But as we start to present in person, we can no longer … Continued

CompTIA Sate of Cybersecurity 2024 Report

Cybersecurity is a constant balancing act. For years, the tug-of-war has been framed as a contest between security and convenience. In both business environments and the consumer space, tighter security controls often correspond with a lower degree of convenience, a tradeoff that most end users are hesitant to make. Organizations can force the issue with … Continued

Navigating Through Crisis: A Modern Approach for MSPs

Picture this: your key client’s company is thrust into a crisis, their systems are down, and the media is swarming like bees to honey. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), ensuring business continuity in tumultuous times is not just a goal; it’s a commitment. Whether you’re addressing a local hiccup or an international debacle, the … Continued

7 (Good & Bad) Crisis Management Examples

We’d all like to think we respond well under pressure. That we rise to the occasion. That we handle criticism like the professionals we are. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for companies in crisis and the humans who run them. That’s why a crisis management strategy is so crucial. Crisis management is a corporate … Continued

Useful Resources for Business Continuity Planning

With the focus of this month’s issue centering around crisis management, we thought you might find these resources useful to help you build your BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and CMP (Crisis Management Plan), as well as providing some resources to help you in case of an emergency. The first comes from Business Queensland and provides … Continued

8 Tips to Unlocking Success with a Partner Advisory Council

We are often asked by vendors about the value of a Partner Advisory Council (PAC). In this dynamic landscape of modern business, where collaboration is often touted as the key to success, we believe a well-run PAC can be a game-changer in shaping the partner relationship. In this article, we will explore the concept of … Continued

What is Prompt Engineering?

Just as better ingredients can make for a better dinner, better inputs into a generative AI model can make for better results. Prompt engineering is the practice of designing inputs for generative AI tools that will produce optimal outputs. The inputs are called prompts, and the practice of writing them is called prompt engineering. What’s … Continued