Beware the Other 4Ps

On the 1st of July 2019, the start of Microsoft’s fiscal year, an announcement was made via the partner website on a very inconspicuous page, that this would be the last year that Microsoft planned to provide its Microsoft partners and resellers with internal use rights (IUR) for product licenses, stating the discontinuation of the practice … Continued

5 Steps for Negotiating a Better Margin

It doesn’t matter what our role is within the channel, we are constantly in situations where we have to negotiate… whether it’s with partners, customers, suppliers, staff, management, or colleagues. While we might often strive for a Win/Win outcome, our tendency is to slip into old habits and immediately look for ways to haggle or … Continued

Channel Dynamics In The Press

At Channel Dynamics we thrive on helping our customers with whatever their channel or business challenge may be. Anything from strategy consultation and program development all the way through sales and messaging training may be required depending upon the client and their business issue. Cam has recently been featured in ARN in two articles for … Continued

Transitioning To Cloud With Clarity

The commercial advantages offered by Cloud computing are so well known it would be superfluous to list them here, and so attractive they continue to generate a buzz across the commercial landscape. But if you are currently a traditional reseller, is your businesses genuinely ready to transition to reselling Cloud offerings, or to being a … Continued