BDMs The Cannon Fodder Of Modern Day Business

Business Development can be a tough job, especially if you are working on true green fields (ie. no existing customers). Many organisations bring on new BDMs to increase their sales growth each year, but the problem is that many BDMs don’t always last. Some make it to 6 or 12 months and then they leave or are asked to leave. Why is this?

The surprising thing is that this could largely be due to the fault of the employing organisation to properly equip and support the BDM rather than the ability and performance of the individual BDM. This article provides an interesting approach to looking at the role of a BDM within your business. It discusses how well you as an organisation can equip them for finding new business and how this plays a huge part in the success of a BDM as well as their length of tenure within your organisation.

If your organisation has true BDM’s as part of your salesforce, ensure you read this article in full for some great information on how to best equip them and yourself for success.

     LinkedIn: BDMs The Cannon Fodder Of Modern Day Business