‘Dealing With The Weirdness’: Telstra Braces For The New Normal

Telstra head of networks, Nikos Katinakis, just might be the most overworked executive in the telco’s management roster, given the workload its networks continue to endure since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. But with bushfires and floods even before the pandemic set in, 2020 will certainly be a year to remember.

“Dealing with the weirdness”, as Katinakis puts it, is something Telstra management has had to become adept in over the last three months. In a day and a half, Telstra went from zero to almost 25,000 staff working from home. Growth in network capacity requirements for a year happened in weeks. The key message… we are not going back to the operating the way we were in 2019 any time soon.

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