Getting the Enterprise Ready for BYOD

With the unstoppable growth of Android SmartPhones and Tablets in the consumer and/or prosumer space, there is further pressure on the enterprise to get their Android BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy right. The enterprise cannot afford to be reactive with BYOD, as there are a huge range of benefits (as well as risks) around BYOD, which have been well documented.

Following is a recent white paper I read on getting the Enterprise ready for BYOD, and while it is sponsored under the Webtorials site, I think it is an excellent guide for the IT manager looking to manage Android devices that will be appearing on their network, whether they like it or not. Putting on our channel hat, these are great ideas that can be leveraged by the channel to help their customers in a BYOD world, especially the 6 baseline requirements for managing Android devices in the enterprise.

Five Steps to Android Readiness