How To Sell To Top Execs – In 6 Easy Steps

Common wisdom in sales dictates that the higher up the ladder you can go, the more return you’ll see on your investment. But the boardroom door only opens to those with a handle on executive etiquette, and insight into the mindset beneath it.

In this post Geoffrey James reveals the strategy (in six steps) best calculated to serve as a master key to successful C-level access. At its simplest, the strategy is no different to any other sales strategy: know your target market, how they think, what they want, and where their hot buttons are located. The part that needs most careful preparation is in providing what the executive wants and expects for the organisation or section he heads, and what he wants to hear from the perspective of his own personal, unstated agenda. Unless a salesman can successfully navigate both challenges at once, he will quickly be reacquainted with the door he entered by.

How to Sell to Top Execs – in 6 Easy Steps