IT Industry Outlook 2019

One of the great unknowns about CompTIA is the wealth of valuable resources that have been created and made available to Channel Community members around the globe. The types of resources developed are determined by CompTIA under the guidance and influence of Executive Council members and feedback from Community Members from all over the world. They range from legal templates and sales resources all the way through to Research reports, and where appropriate, are localised for the relevant community regions.

In January this year the IT Industry Outlook for 2019 was published and made available on the CompTIA website. This is a comprehensive report that identifies 14 trends research predicts are set to shape the direction of the IT industry in 2019. This in-depth report discusses everything from IT Industry growth projections, to emerging tech categories driving growth, to the impact these changes will have on Tech employment and the job market. The report provides a huge amount of information and industry insight that is well worth reviewing as you head into 2019.