Less Is More When It Comes To Partner Business Planning

Vendors have a lot to do when it comes to managing their partners successfully. There are many metrics to track and many partners to do this for. The reality is that there are not enough hours in the day to track every aspect of a partners performance and engagement. In addition to this, the partners themselves have more than one vendor they need to engage with and so cannot give every vendor their full attention at all times. They too have a business to run. So what is the answer?

Gary Morris of Successful Channels believes that the ‘less is more’ approach is the key to successful partner planning and engagement. He believes that planning does not need to be complex and your are likely to achieve better engagement, success and a stronger partnership when goals are aligned, plans are kept simple and both parties leave a planning session knowing what the activity plan for achieving their mutual goals looks like. Sounds good? Read the full article to learn how to do this with your partners.