Round Table To Build Cloud Future

The Cloud revolution continues to be at the forefront of our conversations with clients. It is hugely topical and important for Distributors, vendors and resellers alike. What makes it so topical is the fact that this move to the Cloud is largely unchartered territory and we are all learning as we go. As a result NEXTDC recently sponsored a successful round table that discussed the transition to the Cloud, the Datacentre of the future and how the channel is managing customers and solution selling in the face of such huge change.

A group of visionary IT Channel members were invited to the round table to discuss these three areas, including Channel Dynamic’s own Moheb Moses. The group discussed and shared thoughts around what the big obstacles are for channel players, why they believe innovation is key to success, how it is critical to remain focused on delivering an outcome for your clients, the importance of a hybrid cloud and what the datacentre of the future needs to look like. This article provides a great summary of the discussions from the day and some valuable insights for channel members currently navigating their way through these tremendous changes.

Be sure to read the article in full to get all of the details.

  ARN: Round Table To Build Cloud Future