Secrets Of A Perfect MSP Partner Program

We are all aware of the amount of change that the arrival of the cloud has brought to the channel and to our industry. We have spoken at length about the changes required for partner businesses as they transition to Managed Service based business models, what happens with their infrastructure and what this means for training and incentivising sales staff.

It is of course however not just the partners who need to make significant changes to the way they do things, vendors do too. Vendors cannot assume that their existing partner support infrastructure, mechanisms and programs are going to continue to work for them and their partners, not with the amount of change that has taken place.

One area that vendors need to review is their Partner Programs. Managed Service Providers need to be managed and incentivised differently to the traditional Value Added Reseller. Nate Cochrane and Steve Kiernan explore this concept in detail and with the help of our own Moheb Moses identify some of the key factors of a successful Partner Program for Managed Service Providers. Be sure to read the article in full and find out if your program is hitting the mark.

  CRN: Secrets Of A Perfect MSP Partner Program