The Financial Case For Moving To The Cloud

While there is so much talk about partners moving their businesses to subscription based models and becoming Managed Service Providers, it would seem there are still many end users who are yet to make the leap to the Cloud. Why is this the case when it seems that at every turn partners are changing their organisations to meet the demand for Cloud based services?

This article explores why many organisations have not yet transitioned their IT infrastructure into a cloud based model through a service provider and outlines exactly why they are hesitant to do so. This is useful information because in identifying the reasons why end users are still to make this change, it gives the Managed Service Providers out there the opportunity to sell to these end users in a way that will address their concerns.

Read the article in full to understand how to best alleviate the fears of your customers that are yet to make the change to a Cloud based model.

  ARN: The Financial Case For Moving To The Cloud