The Recurring Dream Of Subscription Software

The hottest topic in the IT Channel right now has to be businesses transitioning to the cloud. This is a hugely relevant article focused on companies making this leap to a subscription based revenue model. As the article states, ‘the transition of software from on-premise to the cloud is nothing short of a revolution’ and the impact on the partner community is enormous.

The channel community is full of partners either having made the transition to cloud, currently making the transition to cloud or partners looking to make the transition. The million dollar question for all of these partners is just how to do this successfully.

This article includes information on a partner that has made the transition with huge success as well as details on what another partner has done in an effort to research and determine how to complete the transition successfully. It also details crucial tips from our own Moheb Moses on what changes need to be made within the business and in what order to ensure success. Click on the link below to read this informative and compelling article in full.

     CRN: The Recurring Dream Of Subscription Software