The Right Partner Experience: The Importance Of People

We often talk about the customer experience and how important a positive customer experience is for a partner’s success. What we don’t often discuss though is the partner experience, which is highly important for vendor success. Diane Krakora from Partner Path quotes recent research indicating that not only is the Partner experience critical for vendors, within that, it is the ‘people’ component of the experience that seems to hold the most weight for partners.

We all know that the better the experience is, the more the partner engages, the broader the market reach is for the vendor and the more the partner sells for the vendor (obviously). So what is it that partners are looking for when it comes to engagement with people at the vendor? You might be surprised to find out that it is not really about the Partner Account Manager but more about having access to other people within the vendor organisation as well. Read the article in full to find out more, it might just change the access to resources (people) you give your partners.