Time To Make The Cloud Rain

The Cloud and it’s aaS business model has promised to offer businesses a more consistent revenue stream. It has also offered businesses the promise of being a potentially much more profitable business model than traditional IT business models. The latest research however is showing that this is not actually always the case and there are a handful of reasons why.

This article breaks down 5 key aspects of a Cloud based business that can be the difference between making some serious profits and just getting by. It identifies scalable offerings, scalable sales and data models and data administration processes as being hugely important when it comes to profitability and success.

Take the time to read this interesting article by iasset to understand what you need to be thinking about to position your Cloud based business for serious success. While they use the opportunity to position their own solutions in this piece, the article itself offers some excellent insight and information into profitablity and success for Cloud based businesses.

Time to Make the Cloud Rain