Where Distribution Fits In The Future Of the Channel

PC world recently published an article from Moheb Moses about the subject of Distribution and where it fits in the future for the IT Channel. The common assumption is that distribution is becoming less relevant to the IT channel due to the many changes that have taken place around technology delivery. With less product to be shipped out to partners, what is it that the distributor does? Moheb argues that there is so much more that Distributors offer the IT Channel.

Their scale, processes and infrastructure can be of huge benefit to partners who lack the resources and infrastructure themselves to meet their customers changing technology needs. Distributors can not only support their partners but also help them to strengthen their customer relationships by adding value added services through their partners that the partners themselves would not have otherwise been able to offer.

Read the whole article to understand more and to determine if you are making full use of the services your Distributor has to offer:

PC World: Where Distribution Fits In The Future of The IT Channel