Why Investing In Staff Training Is Always Money Well Spent

A well trained staff member is worth their weight in gold to their employer. They are equipped with the skills required to complete their job and complete it well, they feel confident in their abilities and consequently they generally experience greater levels of job satisfaction. This all good news for the employer. These staff members are usually the best performers, feel supported in their career development and are inclined to stay at their place of employment for longer.

We see this first hand time and time again with vendors and partners who send their staff to attend our training workshops. Those who build on their staff member’s skills on an ongoing basis truly reap the rewards through staff performance, staff retention and resulting customer satisfaction. Leon Gettler looks deeper into this concept in his article on ‘The Importance of Training’ and discusses why it is the best investment any partner can make.

  CRN A Lesson On The Importance Of Training